• Nothing in particular. It might come up in a conversation and I'll mention it, but I don't make it a priority to holler it to everyone in sight, or to keep it the utmost secret.
  • If the situation is unique/interesting I may tell the tale. Otherwise, makes little difference to me other than my hoping that my contribution is going to a good cause and not drugs or some other crap! +5pts. =)
  • I keep it to myself.
  • It's no one's business but mine, the person to whom I gave, and my wife's.
  • If i give money to needy people i will not announce to the world ,beause then i have already showing my pride of my money that i have and ego that i am above others ,which one is just showing off.
  • Anonymously, always. Even if it means I can't take it as a tax deduction. +5 Theby
  • I do it discretely, I don't let my left hand know what the right is doing.
  • Keep it to myself, that is the best reward.
  • I keep it between myself, God and the person I helped.
  • Why would I need to tell anyone? It a gesture you make to someone or people from the depth of your heart. From the compassion you feel for the person or people whom you're helping. Not like you're expecting a gift for it? Or an applause! Give from your heart and seek no reward from anyone. Your Heavenly Father sees you and your reward is in Heaven!
  • No one needs to know. +5
  • I keep it to myself and only talk about it when answering this question on AB. I saw another answer about not taking a tax deduction and I think it is how it should be. I don't take the deduction cos then I would be giving to get something in return and that is not giving. Why should people have to have an incentive like a tax deduction in order to want to give to someone who needs it?? Does God get a tax deduction for answering prayers??
  • to myself. I am all for helping if you can, but think a person looks like a bit of an ass when they broadcast their charitable deed so others realize what a humanitarian they are. Educating people to help them have a have a better understanding and awareness of various groups or individuals is always good. Talking can help people view things from difference perspectives and can go a long way to helping dispell myths and stereotypes. It can help encourage people to consider ways they can assist and help with positive change.
  • I keep it to myself. I get too much criticism from people for giving money away.
  • to my self
  • I do it without a second thought. Half the time I don't remember giving it away in the first place.
  • Those who have can give but those who do not have cannot.Those who give and say that they have given are egotist.Those who give and do not talk about it but still feel nice about it are bigger egotists. Those who give without any attachments are the greatest seers.Only He can give and He uses humans as tools to do that, so just consider yourself as a tool and do your bidding.That does not accumulate karma.+
  • i do not give my money to the needy there are to many of them My mother worked hard all here life for pittens, i faired better thansk to hard grart and saving so if i had scandered i could not give. misary is somties self inflicted and i have seen many a poor spending more than me dayly
  • Neither. I wouldn't exactly hide it, nor would I make a big point of telling everyone. If people ask there is no reason I would't tell them. +5
  • I keep it to myself. You'd be surprised how many people become needy when you announce that you give money away and expect nothing in return. --- I live in one of the poorest cities in the U.S.. I'd have to become a beggar if I helped a few escape their plight. My theory is that our economy is so corrupt that it needs a substantial underclass to motivate people with bad jobs to continue showing up to work. They fear that they will drop even further down the ladder if they don't.

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