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  • Many porn movies focus on the male ejaculation as the 'climax' of the 'story'. Most people who watch porn react more to the man's ejaculation than the females moans and groans which I guess pretty much all of us who have watched porn suspect somewhere in their brain that she is 'acting'. Pornography producers know this, thus there is the 'pull out' and the 'money shot'. Since few women can actually ejaculate (a few can) they can easily 'fake' it, thus porn producers rely heavily upon the males ejaculation. Other seemingly 'gay' facts about watching sexual theater (porn). For instance a well hung male in a movie is better than a small guy. While there is nothing 'gay' in that, if faced with the realization that they actually prefer a well hung stud in action it could cause a bit of conflict. However most 100% straight men prefer a really large penis to look at. Few will admit it thinking its gay, it isn't, other factors are at play which are linked to male self imaging and how males perceive sex and sexuality surrounding the penis. It boils down to the context for most people. Watching just any guy ejaculate may not be enjoyable. Watching a Porn star in a provocative roll may be very enjoyable.
  • Oh, yes. Especially if he is a handsome dude, like me.

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