• and to answer my own question. yes i certainly have. i liked him but the biggest dicks i know 'love' him and think seem to think they are lynch geniuses. i think lynch films are interpretive. i enjoyed twin peaks. but all the lynch 'geeks' [i hesitate to use geeks because they're morons] i know are sexually deviated and not very bright or interesting. i don't think that they get it. it could be my choice of company BUT they shove lynch in your face. and they're trying to sound cool and smart. its really turned me off of lynch.
  • since when do you dislike something or some one because of other peoples postures-either you like lynch films or not-as for douche-it can mean -British Interpretation : an abrupt often chastening shock to the nerves, emotions, or awareness -could be a critique of lynch-of course thats probably me trying to seem intelligent and cool
  • If I like his stuff, which in general I do, then I like his stuff. +5

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