• I just try and make sure they don't hit me and if they hit someone else I can get out of the way. No road rage here.
  • I just think they're probably daydreaming...or they just have to get in that lane...I'm uninsured and I have a big I know whos gonna come out worse if they hit me...
  • I dont get angry and I act as if nothing ever happened. Too many people these days have guns.
  • I just am very happy that this roadnut didn't hit my car and I drop back and give him/her all the room in world because ya never know if it is some wingnut with a loaded gun on the passenger seat ready to take you out if you look at him/her crosseyed! :)
  • Sometimes. . . .people don't MEAN to do it! But, truth be told, there's assholes in this world! There have always been assholes! There will always BE assholes! Even long after we're ALL dead! No matter how pissed or angry you get at them, you're NEVER going to change them and you're never going to be able to stop them! So save yourself the "ulcer" and ignore them! It's THAT simple!
  • I try to keep my presence of mind and make sure I don't hit the car that cut in front of me or let the car following me hit mine. I have mostly managed both successfully, except for one occasion when the car behind hit mine and broke my tail lamps and dented the bumper. I have realized that getting angry serves no purpose. Keeping the presence of mind while driving is all the more important.
  • I see people like that everyday when commuting to and from work. I just try to stay out of their way because they are an accident waiting to happen (even though it does piss me off).
  • I will let it go and i would not react to it ,and the person might be in hurry or had a bad day.
  • I pretty much ignore them unless they cut it really close. When you are traveling at 75 MPH a car length away from the car in front, you don't need the excitement of someone cutting in front of you. I usually just back off because and let that guy be the first one to the crash. Anger would disrupt my singing with Paul Simon.
  • Good video's about road rage; the redneck road rage is something.
  • I don't get angry, it's not worth the trouble. It could be an honest mistake or they could just be rude hurried people. So what? Getting angry doesn't change anything but puts me in a bad mood.
  • It ticks me off. Some people are just plain rude.
  • I drive the speed limit, stay in the slow lane, and I get cut off every single day !!! I'm used to it, I just thank God that we won't get killed yet, and pray for the rest of the people on the road !
  • I do not generally get -angry-. I get annoyed. I do not cut in front of people when I have a bad day, so even if that is a reason, in my world it isn't an excuse for being an ass. I generally roll my eyes an mutter "people need to calm the f*ck down." and move on with my life forgetting them even existed.
  • I get really annoyed, and I havent even taken my driving test yet, I'm still learning! I get really angry cos people seem to see the L plates and think they can do what they like. I'd probably beep at someone if they did that. The other day I entered a 30 zone, and this bloody great lorry that had been tailgating me for miles overtook me at about 60, on double white lines, while cars were coming! He definitely got beeped.

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