• The way I see it, there are those who will love the President no matter what he does, and those who will HATE the President no matter what he does. NOTHING will change their opinion of him...short of getting caught tapping former President Clinton's sloppy seconds. What does the Obama Administration really have to lose?
  • yep i think so
  • He could ignore them ,Fox is famous for being inaccurate and bias on it's,so called,news .It is just opinion,and Rush holds little respect from anyone. To Fox the moon is filled with green cheese,that is how sane they are.
  • No!... they should go even more on the attack and really show how inept and lying both these parties are, this way the lemmings that follow these bullshitters may just rather find a cliff to jump off rather than own up that they put creedence in what they put out in the media
  • Yes, it is very childish. He only does it because Fox and Limbaugh don't stroke his massive ego like MSNBC and Olberman does.
  • Considering all 10 of the top 10 rated cable news shows in the US are on Fox network I would think attacking Fox could be a bad idea and just make him look more petty and foolish than he already looks.
  • Any President or his minions attacking a private citizen or a news agency is as Un-American as can be. The fact that Obama and his merry band of haters do so does not surprise me. They are as Anti-American as they can be in every way. Attacking freedom of speech is no exception it seems.
  • I remember during the 2004 elections, many Repukicans demanding that Kerry should go on the warpath against the Swiftboaters if what they said wasn't true. Now, Obama is in, and they state that his going on the warpath against the Swiftboat equivalent is Unamerican. Typical. Utterly typical republican doublestandards.
  • No, I think they should keep it up. With every whine from the White House about a cable channel just diminishes their credibility, so to me they can just keep on whining, OH and over half of the country is Conservative, Obama is kinda pissing them off too.So keep up the good work Mr. President.
  • It is inexcusable for a President to attack the media. If they want to attack fox and rush they might as well attack the national enquirer for saying he was gay a few months back. This administration seems to me like nothing but a bunch of schoolyard bullies using middle school tactics and creating high school type drama.
  • If the Obama Administration attacks anyone it draws attention to the fact that all the other news media may somehow be in his "pocket" so to speak. There's an old saying that if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. That applies to Obama and other's like him. Any time you are in the public eye your going to get grief. It's a given. And if your policies are as such they deserve it. I find it interesting that the ACORN scandal WAS NOT reported by anyone except FOX 2 news. President Obama was very much a part of ACORN at one time. I believe he was a lawyer for them. Maybe someone should look up the cases he was on. It's also interesting that the government wants to be able to take over the internet in times of national emergency. Why? That's a little strange. I say we don't let the government do that. It's bad idea for my personal freedom and yours.
  • Well it's like this the more they scream foul the more you can smell their bile. They are helping FOX and therefore the Republic.
  • Well, someone should speak up. Frankly, Fox News and Boss Limbaugh and the rest of the neo-cons are doing us all a favor by exposing their anti-American agenda with their whining.
  • Yes I do. What is that old saying? If it doesn't pertain, don't trip! To give attention to whatever it is either seems like they hit a nerve or your guilty of something.

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