• He loves you and is insecure about his ability to keep you.
  • I'd say it depends on how possessive he is. For example if you and him are out and another man walks up to you and says hey you're hot lets get out of here, and he dosen't care that could be seen as he dosen't care enough or doesn't love you. So there is an acceptable amount of possessive behavior that is acceptable.
  • It could mean both. If he's possessive it might mean he likes you so much he just don't want to be away from you because he likes you a lot. Nevertheless it could also mean as your question is stated that he may be insecure. Most of the time if someone is possesive they are insecure and if they are insecure it is more then likely that they don't love you. The reason being is because if a person can't trust someone that individual can't really love someone. Trust is an element or attribute of love.
  • A possessive person has major insecurities...not entirely sure if it means they love you...but I wouldnt consider it to be real true love...the word possessive is too close to the word Possession...maybe that type of a person is actually just treating you as a possession when being possessive...
  • Possessiveness, I think is a sign of insecurity and shows lack of trust between two people. The relationship is reduced to game playing and there is no real connection there. When the relationship is based on mutual love, trust and respect, there is no need to prove your love in such a destructive way. In such a connection, both partners instictively know that nothing can threaten their relationship because they both feel secure in each other's love. This is not an easy thing to do and many relationships fall apart because of jealousy. Why ? This little article explains it further.… +5
  • I'd say that he doesn't know what a loving relationship is. A relationship where one person seeks to control the other, and stop them from living their life fully, is not, in my opinion, a functioning, loving relationship.
  • My advice to you is be very careful. Love is Never possessive.
  • it means he is controlling dump him.. it smothers after awhile... why do you think i call myself icy now... don't bring this on yourself. +5
  • possessive men want to own you pr say, but love is not about ownership love is a give and take relationship , you can own a pet or a car or a house etc , but he can NOT own you, this is a relationship going no where and you will be the brunt end of lots of hurt and pain, I agree with icy silver and dump him before its too late
  • I means that he is insecure and is probably too immature to handle real love.
  • He could love you very much... but very insecure.

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