• No, thankfully I haven't.
  • no but i remember my mother made a cake and used salt in stead of sugar ,NOT GOOD
  • It wasn't a big deal but it surprised me. I have always added canned pineapple to jello and never had a problem with it setting properly. But a couple of weeks ago I used drained canned pineapple with the proper proportion of water and the jello never set. I had to dump it. It was like thick soup. I have no idea why. I mean, who screws up jello? :(
  • I forgot to take out the bag of "innerds" from the cavity of a turkey before I roasted it! YUCK.
  • The first time I tried to make candied pecans was a big mess. I didn't really mess up the recipe so much as you REALLY need to watch them carefully in the oven and stir them around frequently. I had a hell of a burned on mess on my cookie sheets, but fortunately, they were old and I just threw them out. Next time I made them, I got the disposable aluminum foil cookie sheets. I had a little burning, but it wasn't too bad since I could just toss out the pans afterwards.
  • I forgot to put the eggs in a cake mix one time....It just fell apart after wards.
  • I remember the first time I tried to cook something. I didn't have the recipe so I had to rely on my memory and in the end it looked awful! But when I tested it (it took me awhile to get the courage) if tasted very good! So I accidently made something better tasting (but definitely worse looking) than the thing in the recipe ;)
  • I made "hockey pucks" out of my Granny's never fail chocolate chip cup cake recipe. Dear Lord, it was the time my husband brought his commander over for a snack. I was trying to tell him via head shakes, motioning him to the kitchen but as newly weds he ignored me. I have NEVER trusted a never fail recipe since!
  • One of my cousins accidentally used a tablespoon (instead of teaspoon) to measure salt in pancakes; not even the pigs would touch them!
  • I made brownies once. I'm now using them to prop up entire bookshelves.
  • Once I bought a jar of very hot stuff that you're meant to ADD to sauce. It was sitting right next to the ready-made sauces for pasta so I dumped the whole thing into the pot without reading the label. My sister and brother in law still remind me about it sometimes :)
  • lol... i was experimenting ... i will say this, they looked like big turds shape bread things with disgusting stuff coming out... i had filled home made crescents with pizza toppings... it did not work. they tasted good if you could quit laughing enough not to choke :P +5
  • I tried to make a cake but I forgot to put in the eegs!
  • I once used flour instead of sugar to make kool-aid. OOOH NO!!!
  • Yes, bread. I broke a plate trying to get it out of the bread pan.

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