• I would think Minutes of a meeting are a record of specific items that were brought up and discussed in detail. Notes would be more of an overview of what went on.
  • Minutes is all of the meeting. Notes, sums it up.
  • The MINUTES of a meeting are the official, "for-the-record" accounting of exactly what happened at a particular meeting, and has to be voted on by the officials attending the meeting, so that they are approved by the officers of the board who attended the meeting. In many cases, a tape-recorded record of the meeting was made, to "back-up" the written account. NOTES are what an individual in attendance at a meeting has made, for their own personal use, and are not in any way "official," nor are they for public consumption. An example of the latter, was when I attended official meetings and made a taped record of them. The tapes were for my own use only, and served as a kind of "memory jogger," so I wouldn't forget key bits of information for later recall. +5
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