• Not exactly. I think that the quality of brand name foods is not as high as they would like you to believe. Kind of like how bottled water is not that much better than tap. :)
  • For fresh products it's often better. For packaged products I wouldn't go for totally-unbranded foods, simply because if I come across a particularly good or bad one, I wouldn't be able to mark it so I know it next time round.
  • Some of the name brand foods are sold in the stores to be packaged as no name brand foods. But some are not as good while others are. Trail and error until you find the right ones.
  • We buy a lot of off-brand foods at Aldi. For the most part, I can tell no difference.
  • it varies, product to product but mostly name brand items are better then generic because they have a "Brand" to protect. take Kraft for example, if some white box no name macaroni tastes bad and you stpo buying it, so what, next week they will sell the same product in a yellow bow with a different no name. but is the kraft blue box tastes bad and word of mouth spreads, it will not only effect their sales, but their stocks as well. that said, you should know that some no name generic products are "as good" as the more expensive "Branded" ones simply because the product in question is more forgiving to taste (flour, salt, etc) or because it is the same price or cheaper to use the quality materials then the usual substitutes. then there are also the mom and pop no name products sold locally, some are just out for the money but others have the integraty to make a quality product. like the banana nut muffins i buy on my way to work, made by the store owners wife to increase store income.
  • No names for the most part are not as good as branded though some are. If there is a huge price difference I sometimes will tolerate that difference some items though I would not buy off brand no matter what the savings.
  • Not at all. For some products it doesn`t really make a difference but for others it does. For example no name dishwashing liquid is garbage compared to Sunlight, it makes absolutely no bubbles. Another example is no name potato chips compared to Lays or Ruffles, there is just no comparing the taste.
  • I find it varies depending on the store or brand. It's a matter of trial and error. I find a lot of store brand/off brand foods to be no different than the big name brands, while other off brands
  • No, I am not a big fan of no name food. I like my brand names. +4
  • It depends, sometimes both are made in the same factory, but given different labels.
  • If you check the label of the off-brand food, you might discover that its just a generic of the brand name. Labels tell it all. read the bar codes.

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