• I can't say whether they have gotten "better" or "worse" by any standard, but I can say that I learn them by what I experience in life, compared to how I viewed the world and what I thought as right and wrong as a child, teen, and now adult, I think I am more happy about who I am inside and out, so overall I think that I strengthen who I am and who I want to be in my lifetime so far. I hope to continue this trend as age as well. :)
    • NRI MarriageBureau
      Nice, I agree with You
  • I think that mine have changed to a point that I have differant sets for different situations, for instance, while I am really against violence, I would not hesitate to shoot a burglar, since I feel that stealing is one of the worst crimes a person can commit against another person
  • I can't say - but I can say that as life has moved on, I have realised that I am not as moral as I thought I was. I think that is the benefit of experience -- you can either use it to improve yourself, or deny it, and always stay in the same place.
  • I would have to say a little of both but all for the better I believe
  • definitely decayed. I graduated from high school in a class of 420. I can honestly say I only heard of two girls in my class who had lost their virginity. One of them was married and the other one soon married the father of her baby. I'm sure there were others but not very many. Now it seems like a girl who graduates and still is a virgin is some kind of freak.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Oh no! People in High School have sex! CALL THE POLICE!!
  • Per some of the claimed moral standards of people I know personally, decayed. Per my own moral compass, stayed the same or improved.
  • First you must define morals so it covers every race and society on earth. Until you can do that then you are only projecting your personal morals and standards on another person. What you have determined to be those thing you accept or reject for your life. Therefore unless you can give a definition to cover all persons in the world your question is only a gathering of different persons personal morals and values. With that said, through study and reading and life my personal morals have changed but do not believe they have necessarily strengthened or decayed.
  • Both! I wasn't raised with religious teaching. I've grown close to Heavenly Father through obedience, apart from Him through sin and reconciled through repentance. We're not as close as we used to be, but overall I think my values are stronger than what I was taught as a kid. Still I make mistakes and sometimes I'm just rebellious and disobedient. But through experience I've learned I'm happiest when I know I'm in God's will.
  • My values have strengthened over the course of the years, as I’ve drawn closer to my God. As a youth, my parents determined for me what morals and values were acceptable in their household. Now that I have developed a personal relationship with my Creator, I see the his council is based on a profound love for me as an individual. This makes me not only appreciate God, but it motivates me to Work hard in order to gain his approval.
  • strengthened
  • They've only gotten stronger baby with the people that I've come across during life
  • They have improved greatly.
  • I don't know but they have been tested more often. lol😈

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