• become incontinent and slobber alot
  • I wanna go out to the shed and make sawdust. Lots and lots of sawdust! Oh, and become cantankerous, that's important too.
  • Tie a million balloons to my bed and float around the world with my woman!
  • Well, if by then I'm not dead, or blind, I'll just play video games and watch horror movies until the end of my days.
  • if all goes well i want to retire to a tiny beach home does not have to be right on the ocean but i want to hear it when on my front deck. +5
  • Die. +5
  • Well I would like to settle in either Italy or Maine (quite the difference, I know). Though as a licensed therapist, I don't know if I'll ever retire--gotta keep that mind active and, with age, hopefully comes wisdom. +5
  • I don't believe that many people that are my age now will be able to retire. We will just keep working until we die.
  • Probably be on answerbag 24/7 - wait, I do that now! Seriously, just being able to sleep in instead of rushing around every damn morning would be awesome.
  • mainly work on self improvement for myself and my environment I don't smoke or drink so I am overweigy by 82 pounds so I joined a gym and go to a weight loss specialist who monitors my vital signs while I am on the Opti fast Diet from last year I lost 25 pounds so far and have improved my eating and exercise 100% and feel a lot better but the road to my goal has to be consistent effort on my part~~as I did not put this weight on in a day or a year. So self improvement is my number one job~~and trying to do this without being a food or exercise snob or a know it all Success is a poor teacher it seduces smart people into thinking that they can't lose or in this case ~ Gain?
  • I already am retired, and I intend to continue doing much the same things: trying to keep my wife happy, riding my Harley almost everywhere, keeping in touch with my children and grandchildren, spending time online, writing, etc. : )
  • I will be my Autistic Son's Advocate till the day I die. I think retirement is not possible for me.
  • i will take my RV and live in Florida,for while. then i will travel around the USA awhile.i will then move to the desert of southwest Texas and live there awhile and then i am going to move to Mexico. That is my agenda and i have done it so far,i now live in the desert of southwest Texas and i am looking for a house in Ojinaga,Mexico to move to this next spring. i retired 1996.if you want to live like a king then you cant do much because it cost to much,i live very modest,and i am healthy as of today,tomarrow may bring something else but i will worry about that tomarrow. today i am living a life worth living and i know who my creator is,that is very important.
  • one day i will have to retire because i will be to old and weak to work. but until then i will keep on working.
  • I did four years ago First I cut out smoking and then I cut out drinking and then I cut out of fattening foods and then I cut out sex and now I am cutting out little paper dolls duh>? just a joke~~but i did have self improvements like I am losing weight and exercising more and not smoking and drinking~~and trying not to be a fittness snob~~because what you gain ~~you can gain back in interest
  • I want to tell colorful stories to the neighborhood children and harass the local wildlife with my pistol.
  • Either restore classic cars or play on the seniors tour...
  • I'm working and doing exactly what I want to do with enormously flexible time. Why retire???? (It helps to own it)
  • TRAVEL! I want to see the world. I want to see the Pyramids of Egypt. I want to see Easter Island. I want to go everywhere I can and see everything I can before I die.
  • I may change my mind. Jimmy2060's life sounds pretty good.
  • Not sure I'll be able to, but if I am able to I'll probably find something else to do. I like being productive.
  • Whatever I want to do.
  • I'm enjoying retirement by asking and answering questions on Answerbag.
  • I have never ever think about yet because i am just 23.

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