• Honestly? Yes. Who ever was second on the list.
  • No. Pure speculation: He can't afford to, and America can't afford him to refuse it, either. This is a massive political stamp of approval for the US, and the first step back into the trust of the rest of the world, because it recognises that the richest country on the planet with the 'big brother' pushy politics is no longer run by a warmonger. Its kind of like telling the rest of the world they can step down to amber alert. Why do you suppose that he was chosen, when the initial selections reportedly took place when he'd hardly had a month in office?
  • I don't know who deserves it more but I deserve it just as much... . I haven't done anything either. . <smirk>
  • I don't see how anything good can come of rejecting it at this point.
  • I would like to see him do something to prove it,like bringing all the troops home.
  • Yes,...He should have been on national TV days ago saying to stop rioting and should have sent the National Guard.

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