• Its the 1st time I have seen, not for having done something, but in the hopes it might "spur action" toward achieving peace. Peace? Never going to happen! Not in our lifetime anyway. The Prize committee ADMITTED Obama didn't do anything worthy of the Award. It was given solely in an attempt to get 'other countries" to move toward a peace solution. He should not have received the Nobel.
  • Yes, a great many of them are doing so.
  • Not me, for one. The Nobel Committee is a private organisation, and they can feel free to give their shiny medals and prize money to whomever they like.
  • I am. He hasn't DONE anything yet.
  • Pres. Obama himself said, "I do not view this as a recognition of my accomplishments." So it looks as though he's as puzzled as everyone else as to why five people appointed by the Norwegian Parliament decided to give him this award.

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