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  • Send her pictures of me and the stripper,I took on vacation with our honeymoon tix & hotel reservations!
  • Call off the wedding.
  • Show it to my ex would have been in-laws
  • I'm thinking that most men would be demanding their own personal blowjob.
  • First question would be from me is... Do you still want to marry her and go through with the wedding knowing what she did? If it's a yes then... Save the tape for the reception party, you know the part were they entertain the guests. She'll be mortified, as she should be.
  • IF THAT was the case ; the WEDDING would be immediately CANCELLED on the spot ... that is CHEATING to the MAX ! +5
  • i will not get married and leave her and try for new.
  • I'm wondering what the hell happened, if this really happened and are you the person who did this.
  • WOW! Skankasouras of the highest order! I would probably have sex (revenge sex) with her one more time or one of her best friends. I will not go into detail so use your imagination! Then I would tell her to get the F out because I have wiped all memories of her from my mind! Hope all is well with you Angel. +5 Best, Jonathan
  • Cancel all the plans and (probably) get drunk for a while,,,sad but true.
  • Not get married, obviously.
  • save the tape ... use it as leverage in the future ... horrible way to base a marriage, yeah, but she is a dirty little whore, right?
  • I would not let my fiancee go to a bachelorette party (unless it was only ladies). If she even WANTED to go to a party featuring male strippers, I would not in a million years marry her.
  • Cancel the wedding and relationship.
  • If i was a man and saw that, id ask my money back.. who has ever seen the bride blowing a stripper? !?! it should be other way round!
  • Whip it out at the altar, demand a blowjob right then and there and if she says no, tell everyone at the wedding that she apparently had no problem doing the same last night to some sleazy male stripper in front of a crowd of her own friends, so why should she have ANY problem doing it for the man she claims to love and wants to marry? Then I'd ask the attendees if they'd like to see some video highlights. Oh, yeah... and of course, the wedding would definitely be off at that point.
  • If her father was paying for it. Id go through the motions until it was time to say I do. Id say "I don't" and Id give the tape to her dad, and walk out.
  • It is different when the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it? I saw a marriage break up 7 years after the wedding, because...for some reason, the groom thought it would be a good idea to confess having sex with a stripper at his bachelor party. He couldn't understand what the big deal was, since they weren't married at the time. Would he have felt that way if it had been she who admitted to sex with a stripper? I KNOW it would have been a different story then.
  • Hope you don't mind my answering since I'm not a man, but I think the reactions here are pretty extreme. Wether its a bachelor or bachelorette party, I dont think having one last drunken night of stupidity before tying yourself to one person for life makes you a terrible person. Well, actually, it would be terrible if it was done without a condom, cuz there is some risk you could transmit something to the groom. Thats not right.
  • I'd want my money back!
  • I would dump her ass immediately.
  • tell her how you feel! that would piss me off. i would put it on hold. if that happened to me id be furious, thats not being over protective thats what a relationship is called and if she cant just have fun and not mess with other men, how can u trust her?
  • I'd call off the wedding. If she can't respect you now, before you are married, what makes you think she'll respect you afterward? Kick her to the curb!
  • Cancel the Wedding. Who would want a wife like that?
  • Look...if a guy wants to get a lapdance, if a girl wants to stick a 20 in some musclebound idiot's thong, then who cares? It's childish to get mad about that, but the wife-to-be suckin' a guy off or the groom-to-be piping out some stripper chick a day before they get married definitely crosses a line.
  • I'd go through with the wedding up to the vows, at which point I would have my best man roll out a TV cart and play the tape for everyone in attendance. Then my police officer friends would arrest her on the spot for solicitation and engaging in sexual acts with a prostitute.
  • just accept that she was doing the same thing that you did at your bachelor party
  • The strippers at her party would be no big deal, the blow*** would be the deal breaker,I would call off the wedding and bid her a fond farewell.
  • I never said it was ok, and certainly not right. I think doing one bad thing does not make you a worthless person like the other comments on here suggest. That's all I meant. She MAY be an otherwise decent person who f*cked up once. We don't know. I try not to be that jugemental right away.
  • Your first responsibility would be to call the police and report the stripper. The second would be to break off the engagement. If she isn't faithful to you before the wedding, she isn't going to be after. In fact, that might even be grounds for an annulment. By the way, I'd also be more careful to know a prospective bride's friends next time. The friends bear some responsibility in this too, as they shouldn't have thrown a party with strippers. I walked out on my own bachelorette party because my friends went a bit over the top too. They understood, however, and had fun without me.
  • well it is a sure fired reason to believe that was not the first time and won't be the last.if she is a slut then she is a slut to the end.I would not want her for my wife,so you keep her. I am sorry that you got her,cause it aint easy going to work and wondering what your wife is doing. Your brother next,your Dad,Wow you got a problem and i am glad its you and not me, Or is it?????. maybe my wife is a little slyer then yours and was smart enough to not put it on film. Huh?. so now you have another problem,she is stupid too!!!!
  • Pay the male stripper $500 and tell the bint that she failed the fidelity test.
  • Go show her the video of my bachelor party where Im having a three some.
  • Dump her, she is a loser. Whoever said that bachelore/bachelorette parties were a last chance to act single? If someone is not committed before the wedding, they will not be after the wedding.
  • Well I'm a girl, but if it we the other way, I would def dump him. I understand that people make mistakes. I've made big ones, but it doesn't seem that if she were comfortable enough to give a stripper a blow job the night before she commits herself to someone else forever that it was the first and prolly not the last. Too big of a risk for me. Forever is a long time to be committed to someone that you can't trust.
  • I'd be absolutely bullshit with her. I'd have expected fidelity from her long before we got to the point of marriage. I'd likely end the relationship.
  • We're soooooooooo not getting married i'll dump her and went back to my bachelor party and have threesome!
  • I've never known a woman to do that, but I have known one who thought it was ok to go to a hotel with her ex two nights before the wedding for one last night of "remember". Does anyone see this any different or worse than the stripper case?

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