• I don't know where "Young Lady" as an admonishment originates from but I would say that it is an insulting form of address just as "Young Woman" would be. It is intentionally patronising and belittling. People don't normally use it unless they want to put a woman "in her place" so to speak. But maybe that is a UK thing?
  • I don't find it insulting.
  • I don't find either insulting or patronizing. Unless the tone suggests otherwise.
  • Men are never called "young gentleman", though, just "young man", in fact I don't think "gentleman" is only used in plural form in address, never singular.
  • thats just what they do, theyre no trying to insult thenn
  • If you think that's bad just try calling a female "woman" and watch the claws come out. :P 11.21.2018

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