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  • It would seem a very boring place.Another question would be ,what heaven would you mean,I have doubt such place exists. So in a religion sense each religion must have their own heaven.Even spiritualists with their own gurus or masters would have their own heaven.Since there is usually language barriers there would be sub-heavens in each religion,one English,French,etc. Now there might be different world views,so there would be sub heavens for Capitalists,communists,etc. to keep the peace.To take it a step further there would be a sub heaven for Republican and Democrats. After enough sub heavens,we will be all in our own heaven or hell.
  • I've been there, it's awesome. You feel is pure unconditional love, bliss and ecstasy. But if you get bored there are a ton of worlds to try out and live on. Or you could always come back to Earth and give it another go, it's always changing. And heaven will be waiting for you when your done.
  • Atheist, no problem for me. Eternity will only last so long then the universe will begin to fade. The energy powering the expansion will eventually fade, the planets will collapse, black holes will consume vast amounts of everything, and the stars will wink out of existence. Not anytime soon mind you, but is inevitable.
  • The whole concept of heaven seems dull (almost a punishment), yes I agree, if such a place ever existed.
  • i think heaven will be awesome and lots of fun .

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