• Some screws and washers. I can only hope they came from my pockets....
  • That the same colour clouths came out, as when they went in! hows that for a first for a man?
  • A couple of sticks of gum, and some lose change. +5
  • Oh god Barb. everything and anything. My daughter does the wash and never ever checks my pockets. Before I quit smoking years ago, I used to find lighters or packs of cigarettes.
  • I threw a pair of panties, not my wifes, into the washing. My wife went to empty the washing machine and found the girls panties, but, she was still in them???
  • I would love to tell you but it's too embarrassing! :)
  • LMAO!!! I found my son's umbilical cord that had fallen off. It was all swollen from the water and still all purple from the iodine. I called my husband over and said "you know that umbilical cord we couldn't find this morning? . . . " We cracked up over that one!
  • usually find pencils. lol
  • What you failed to tell your audience was you looked both ways to see if the coast was clear and then popped the extremely clean pea in your mouth...........
  • I have washed two cellphones, a drivers licence, a credit card, a box of matches, lots of coins and hair ties, a set of keys and a small roll of sellotape. My kids do their own washing now.
  • When i was little once after my mom did the wash i put on some freshy washed pants, reached into the pocket and pulled out an acorn... I was, of course, confused.
  • my sister, juts the other day in fact, called me to ask me if I knew why there would be little balls of gel in her dryer and all over her clothes (you know, like the ones from a soiled diaper?) and I told her I had no clue! well needless to say, she called me back about 20 mintues laters and almost couldnt talk b.c she was crackin up so bad.. she had accidently washed her maxi pad!!! she forgot to take it off her undies when she changed and ended up washing it!! she also let me know later on that day, that when she put on a t-shirt from the same load of clothes, that it was snowing gel balls everywhere she walked!!! So damn funny!

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