• He lands on the roof and slides into an open window.
  • I remember asking this very thing to my dad once. He said that Santa can do what he wants, including walk through walls. My childhood was gone, then.
  • The chimney is Santas first choice, but he will use the door if we dont have one...
  • he comes thru the front door.
  • He comes trough the toilet!!! Now go to sleep and wait!!!!!
  • I used to say "Santa has sent his gifts to you early via UPS for your mother and I to give you on Christmas - and we were told to send them back before Christmas if you didn't deserve them.". It worked pretty good too.
  • Dad always stayed up to "help" Santa. I believe we just assumed he came in the front door when there's no chimney. And he had a key (or part of his magic) would allow him to open any door he needed to.) I believe we used the former - Dad helped - with our kids. Besides... Almost EVERY house has a chimney, even if it only goes to the furnace. You may wish to see Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2, and Santa Clause 3 - I believe at least one of them (the first) gave a good explanation for this question. ;-)
  • When they were very young preschoolers I told them not to worry, he could get in the door. But when they asked and were a little older I responded with "what do you think." My older child responded I'm not sure I believe in Santa anymore. I said, when you stop believing, he stops coming. She's married and still believes.
  • i would probably tell him to bend down so I can look him in the eye and ask when he started believing in fairy tales. He is a foot taller than me and nearly 23 years old.

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