• There is a new game out. Mind Flex, by Mattel. Under $80 U.S. at WalMart. It uses biofeedback to float a ball around an obstacle course. The course is made up of interchangeable pieces, and there are several different games that can be played. Even one and two players. The player wears a head band with a sensor that rests against the forehead and comfortable earlobe clips. These sensors pick up on brain waves (theta?) and you learn to control the speed of a tiny fan that keeps the ball aloft. It is fun, and challenging.
  • that could buy a *lot* of K'nex or whatever those things are called, if you mean techie like building machines. For that amount of money you could probably get him a netbook type computer, if he's that kind of techie. That said, I'm not sure I can justify spending that amount of money on an 11 year old's birthday present as a physical object. if I were spending that much, it'd be to send him to techie summer camp or something.
  • maybe you should go to the petstore and get him a nice puppy, he will love that

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