• My pillows are often depressed ,,,,but think they kind of enjoy it,,,,el'denta you might say ,,,,, hehe
  • Just off the top of my head, anger; since it would possibly endanger others, whereas depression is a danger primarily to oneself.
  • I have had something akin to the latter, and I can't imagine anything being worse. So I go with depression.
  • Anger for the following reason. Anger hurts and could seriously injure others. Depression is a beast but you would only be hurting yourself. Drugs may or may not help either problem.
  • Sometimes they are part of the same problem . Depression can cause a person to be angry along with many other emotions. Sometimes people think depression just makes you uninterested in life. Depression wears many faces.
  • Thanks to The Great One, we're all experience a super-sized dose of both for four whole years, unless something great is done and The Great One goes away.
  • you get one the other is bound to follow-best to avoid both with a brave smile :)
  • Both, but the anger will hurt others more seriously. +5
  • They are in a fashion the same thing. Repressed anger ALWAYS leads to depression.
  • polymath again you make me go deep, +5 been there done that... i think i would rather be depressed than angry. anger breeds hate and depression breeds despair. my friends can help me out of the hole of hopeless but anger is mine to deal with alone. i will take anger.
  • Well, both are very hard on ones mental state, but anger can cause horrible things to happen. It seems that someone that is constantly angry may end up hurting someone.
  • Chronic anger would be the worst. If left unchecked anger can be a wicked beast.
  • i think depression chronic state of anger wouldn't last you very long, you'd probbaly get yourself killed quicker depression would just last and last and last uck (self: diagnosed with chronic depression, thank god it comes in waves and i'm not on it for now) who would want to live with depression forever?
  • Anger. At least with depression I would be well-rested.
  • I've heard depression be described as anger that is suppressed. So I guess neither is good.
  • depression i sworse than chornic anger
  • Probably being chronically angry would harm the physical body more...being chronically depressed would harm everything else more. Either way, get thee to a doctor pronto! :)
  • both can be harmful to self OR others. (heart attack v self-injurious behavior) (assault v neglect). in either case, folks ought to seek medical attention.
  • Worse for whom? I think that depression (by which I mean "clinical depression", the medically diagnosed condition) is more dangerous to the person who has it, because it often leads to suicidal thoughts and actions, or apathy, which is also dangerous to a person. Chronic anger is certainly going to be dangerous to a person's health, too, as well as more dangerous to the people around one who is chronically angry.

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