• It's not the gun it's a special bullet called a "hollow-point" or "dum-dum".
  • I want to get the gun and the bullets, for protection now that I am single.
  • alot of high caliber guns will do that based on the ammo used. ;)
  • get a Buck Mark pistol. +5
  • true that its not the gun, its the bullet. However, most bullets leave a bigger exit wound than entry wound. Bullets that expand inside the body create larger exit wounds. Hollow points are an excellent example, but soft nose and flat nose rounds also perform similarly. Unlike the nonsense portrayed in movies, entrance wounds tend to be very small (blood and gore exploding from entrance wounds is really rare except from exploding projectiles) and can be hard for medical personnel to find without close examination.
  • A rifle that fires high velocity bullets has a small entry hole and a large exit.
  • its the construction of the bullet. a hollow point will expand on impact. others can be constructed to expand once inside.
  • That has to do with the bullet. Hollow points expand on impact and take most of the target with it.

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