• Who would want to know that? - I wouldn't
  • I would think not.
  • Uhh imagine that would make her feel worse.
  • She has the right to know. They should tell them so that they know that a person was killed by the abortion, not just a mass of cells.
  • If it is in the first trimester, which most abortions are I doubt if they could tell. At the end of the first trimester the fetus is only 3 inches big. At 9 -13 weeks, the genitalia have clearly formed into male or female, but still could not be seen clearly on an ultrasound. If the abortion is prior to that 9-13 gestational weeks, they can't tell because it has not been developed yet.. I got the information at this site.
  • They should so she can at least name the baby.
  • I don't think they can tell yet, unless some sick ass is providing late term abortions. Then they should not only tell the woman, but also hand it to her to hold for a few seconds. Lasting impression I would think. +5
  • No and they should not. It is psychologically not advisable.

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