• i'm a "fella" & i have been slapped in the face by my HUSBAND (don't genderize your questions) & it was because i was freaking out about something.
  • My sister slapped me. We hadn't seen each other in awhile and I gave her a big hug. She said "I bet you can't pick me up". I said "I bet I can" and did. "How much do you think I weigh?", she said. I said "150". She gave me a thumbs up. I said "155". She gave me a thumbs up. (note - she was in great shape, all muscle). This continued, me going up by 5's until I went over. Then she slapped me.
  • Never. I got a knife pulled on me once though, but that was brought on by postpartum depression. Coupled by the fact that I pissed her off and add the shes a born fighter(Leo) and you gots one mean women.
  • My girlfriend was being a bitch, and I told her so.
  • Only once that I can remember. I'm pretty sure we were just having a row, nothing special about it, I think she was testing boundries........ didn't really work out so well for her.

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