• Just me
  • Well, if they are anywhere you think they would be there, wouldn't you? But are they anywhere? :)
  • Hi Prairie....don't spend too much time on it. I'll look up the sound I heard...I bet you it will be easier to find a sasquatch sound than one from a porcupine. Go figure!
  • 1) "sasquatch 1929, from Halkomelem (Salish), a native language of the Pacific Northwest, sæsq'ec, one of a race of huge, hairy man-monsters supposed to inhabit the Pacific northwest woods in Amer.Indian lore and also known as bigfoot." Source and further information: 2) "The province's name comes from the Saskatchewan River, whose name comes from its Cree designation: kisiskāciwani-sÄ«piy, meaning "swift flowing river"." Source and further information: 3) According to the Wikipedia Article about sasquatch, there were some sightings in Saskatchewan. Also, the article is categorized under "Culture of Saskatchewan". Further information:
  • And, do Saskatchewan Sasquatches eat succotash?

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