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  • Depends on whether it's the uniform he likes or simply the short skirt. Or even the color/patterns. Or--and I can't believe I almost forgot this--the innocent little girl thing (in which case he just might be a pedophile). Find out and go from there. If he likes uniforms, halloween express has plenty of them, including all the classics (like a sexy nurse, for example). If he likes the innocent girl thing, you go for teeny-bopper make-up and pigtails. And he'll like a girl scout uniform (which you can also get at halloween express). Have fun.
  • any short pleated plaid skirt with white shirt, pigtails, and cute socks with mary janes could do it. each of those parts can be bought separately.
  • watch how the young teens are dressing at the malls. go out and buy like outfits and wear them for him. mostly really cute short skirts and things like that. your bf is one lucky guy.
  • dress up in a asian outfit.. you know? the colored socks, the skirt or high cut briefes, pig tales and even the insane makeup.. i find that to be a very fun fantasy!
  • French maid works.

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