• Great point! I beleive you have something there! Great question and I agree with you! +4pts. =)
  • What's "group mentality"? Sounds like pop-psychology. Culture includes customs and traditions, laws, manners, social behaviors, music, art, literature. technology, and a lot more. ~
  • No, culture is what you make it. I take a little from a lot of cultures and add my own unique blend of cheesiness to it.
  • The phrase "group mentality" connotes a kind of mindlessness. If by "group mentality," you mean the abandonment of thinking for oneself, then NO. However, culture provides a set of shared understandings that make it possible for people within that culture to communicate more clearly, to communicate without giving unintended offense, and to get things accomplished without having to define what is meant by every word and gesture. "What is meant" is shared by that culture. (I'm not saying that the understanding is perfect or problem-free.) The usefulness of one's own culture becomes very clear the first time a person tries to interact within a DIFFERENT culture and realizes that there are a whole set of assumptions operating that are very different from his own.
  • The wisest words you will ever hear on this topic!!!!!

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