• I assume that you do have a Bitch...and with is called a HEAT CYCLE, not a menstrual cycle! (fyi) Your Bitch is of a right age to start! The cycle is the same for all breeds. 1. Pro-estrus (swelling of the vulva, clear discharge that turns bloody) 8 to 13 days. 2. Estrus (normally bleeding has stopped. Vulva less turgid, but still swollen. NOW is when the bitch is receptive to breeding most likely and to conception) 4 to 7 days. 3.Metestrus (when puppies are growing, if successfully bred. Also time with false pregnancy can happen) 6 to 10 weeks. 4. Anestrus (quiet period of variable duration when there is no activity in the bitch's reproductive tract) 15 weeks.

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