• Ya' know there are EXCEPTIONS to everything .... However; the older cars are made out of STEEL etc which are defiantely more safer than these little plastic cars that are on the road now ... +5
  • Newer model cars should be safer.
  • Really great vid. . Remember that there were no seat belts in '59. That would probably be fatal at least 50% of the time. Check out the window flying through the air and the steering column pushing back into the driver's area.
  • i really didn't expect that.i'm blown away.thanks for sharing.
  • I am very surprised even allowing for todays' safety features I would have expected the heavieness of the old model to have obliterated the smaller lighter car of today That was why we call them tanks. Thank you Chicago Lady
  • Impressive indeed. The '59 is still way cooler despite the death and dismemberment.
  • I actually thought the older car's body would hold up better. That was really surprising!
  • That was pretty interesting and entertaining, Chicago Lady. Thx! Bummer they hadda trash that hideous 'bat-winged' Bel Air. I guess that when enough time passes, most anything that's rubbin' up against 'ugly' that much becomes to be kindly described at the least as 'interesting' or 'having character', huh? - I was surprized it weighed that close to two tons?! Definitely woulda' hadda scrape that hapless driver off the road after that one! - That article just led to a near three hour-long surfin' session, ending up with looking at pictures of the new $1.6M Lamborghini. I wonder how that would do in one of these 40 MPH off-center tests? ;-)
  • I think I asked this question last week ( ) only not as well. :P Personally, I see it as disproof of the "heavier is better and plastic cars are deathtraps" theory so common amongst people who *THINK* they know something about cars just because they grew up watching NASCAR with daddy back in '62. It also proves that intelligent design counts for a lot. Sure, the new cars may not have that thumping V-8, but they are safer in a collision and often can out-perform the older cars as well. I will take my little plastic car over any 3-ton relic since those steel body panels crumple like tin foil in a collision anyways. That, and I can do something that many muscle cars can't; swerve and AVOID a collision!
  • That's quite the eye opener. I didn't expect the level of damage to the old car. I thought it was funny that they even had fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror on the 59. +5

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