• In addition why not have the standard laptop battery be the power backup? There could be a capacitor that powers the clock, etc, during any battery change.
  • Most systems are planned to be obsolete within five years, ESPECIALLY laptops. However, I never had any issues changing the batteries in a desktop system. A rechargeable cell would cost more than a CR2032 watch battery and have the added disadvantage of needing to be replaced about twice as often (if it were a NiCad) or just being cost-ineffective (NiMH or LiON). As for why not run it from the main battery, I can think of a few reasons but the BIGGEST reason is that if you discharge a LiON battery too deeply, you kill it irrevocably. That means that if you run your laptop down to where the power management shuts it down and let it set there for a day before charging, THE BATTERY WILL BE DEAD! When I say "dead", I mean you will need to spend $60-150 on a new battery. I run mine down under 5% fairly regularly, so I might go through a battery pack a month if we did it your way. But at least you won't have to worry about changing a CR2032 twice a decade.

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