• but haven the most points wouldnt that be something, if you use them all then you would never have any.
  • I think it'd be great, those who want to collect points rather than redeeming them should be given a free gift when they level up that way everyone wins! +4
  • Yeah and we should be able to use are nicks as gift items like.... You could wear a shirt that says...." I got a robinhug!" +6
  • That would be rad!
  • Do hookers take points? +5
  • Yeeee Haaaaah!! I'll do the T-Shirt and the coffee mug!
  • I would rather be able to pay bills with them.
  • Great idea!
  • interesting point mensan i agree
  • That is an excellent idea, Mensan, at least they could get some free advertisement out of it.
  • There is no point. We should eliminate them, thereby eliminating the "heat of battle" of competition which can get ugly. Who buys these gift items? Where does the money come from? We pay zilch to be members. If we were charged a fee for our participation then perhaps a gift shoppe would work. As it is we pay nothing, we complain when things don't work as they should and on top of that you want gifts? Well...doesn't seem like a fair deal to me for the site! :)
  • Good Idea but who pays?
  • I like the idea, but who would pay for it? They would have to start charging us to us the site. I wouldn't like that.
  • Hey, my friend, you can have the best of two worlds, keep the points, fabricate a nice Guru Certificate, frame it and hang it on a wall in your house. Or you take your avatar and script "Mensan the Guru" on it and bring it to a store, where they fabricate Mugs with your logo on it. But keep the points!!!!!! I can be funny but I am mostly very practical.....
  • Wow! What a great idea! That would be really awesome :)
  • I thinks that is actually a great idea - any rich ABer willing to donate the prizes? I'd like a speedboat please
  • Haha!! hand up for that one!!
  • I love the idea! MSFT QnA used to send out refrigerator magnets and other doodads to appreciate members... :-) +5
  • Great idea !I totally agree! So if this happenes who is the first one you want to give him/her this gift?!;D
  • When people make rank in the military they generally have to buy their own paraphernalia that goes with it. Sometimes a commander or supervisor will buy it for the person but the money never comes out of the military itself. Quite the reverse as they decide who makes the stuff, stock it in their exclusive stores and charge what they wish - if they're not making a profit it's their own damn fault. . I would offer that maybe mugs and t-shirts would only be available to those with AB rank and that we could buy them (at cost, you bastards!) from a website once that rank was reached. . Speaking of coffee mugs, look here:
  • YES!!!! VOTE MENSAN FOR PRESIDENT OF AB!!!! I love that idea and will support you in your campaign to bring it to members of this wonderful site.
  • What would you get with your points Mensan? A mug, t-shirt, bumper sticker, kozy(sp?)key chain, travel mug, golf towel, boxers???
  • Love your idea. Absolutely. I'm hooked on this site too. Like you commented...on another person's answer, it would be advertising for AB. After all, there are sponsors on this site and they're making doubt, so why not. It would also be additional advertising and that would be a smart thing to do in my opinion. I think you could call that a win-win situation.
  • How would that help AB generate the income and profit necessary to keep bringing us this valuable and enjoyable service?
  • We could get free hot spot minutes at our local free hot spot.

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