• get a degree
  • Well our son left for college, graduated, joined the Navy and off he went!!!
  • Leavy them.
  • Hicky town? Is this a town where everyone has hicky's? Maybe they could try moving to a town were everyone is not sucking on each others necks.
  • You know what's funny? Sometimes people get out of their "hicktowns" and go to the big city and live there for years and long for the days when their lives were simpler "back home". Sometimes they go back home to raise their kids and live out their lives. :)
  • hey! I am from that hick town you speak of! Born and raised and ya know what! I love that I am a small town country girl and I will always be country. Proud of where I came from! :) (or were you referring to yourself?)
  • There is no one best way but there are many acceptable options. Most of these apply to both men and women. Join the military service of your choice. Elope. Get accepted at some college. Become a missionary. Make a contact in a city of your choice and go see that person. Make job applications in other cities. Go visit a relative. Ask an ABer to take you in temporarily until you stabilize. Buy a bus ticket. Buy a train ticket. Get a friend or buddy to go with you in their car. Good Luck.
  • I think life in a small town is a lot more comfortable than life in a big city. I would suggest more people move out of the cities to smaller towns and countryside and enjoy their lives better.
  • I've always favored the "pack up everything and move someplace else" method, myself. :):):)
  • Get the best education you can or join the military.
  • Get an education/technical skill that's transferable anywhere (plumber?legal secretary? whatever), save your money and subscribe to newspapers and magazines in places you'd like to move to... Then the actual move itself is incidental.

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