• At normal room temperature and under normal pressure, Jello is solid (crystal): - It has a given volume that does not change unless you change temperature or pressure. (so it's not gas) - It has a given form that it will return to, even of you shake it => it doesn't automatically adopt it's form to it's surrounding (so it's not liquid).
  • Actually it is neither. Jello is something that we call a colloidal suspension. The gelatin in Jello is made of long solid chains of protein molecules. When you mix the gelatin with hot water, these protein molecules break apart and become suspended in the water. However, the individual molecules remain solid. So this is not a solution. As the mixture cools, the protein molecules come back together to form long chains again. However, these chains go in random directions and form a lattice that traps the water molecule within its structure. So, what we have is a mixture of solid and liquid. When it's hot, then it is a solid suspended in a liquid. When it's cold, it's a liquid suspended in a solid. Thus it is classified as a colloidal suspension rather than as being either solid or liquid.
  • We were debating this for ages, Nice to finnaly find an answer, cheers!
  • I can only answer it this way: If you are on a full liquid diet it is perfectly acceptable to have jello
  • I would class it as a solid.
  • Jello is a colloid, a solid suspended in another solid.
  • good with vodka
  • It's a gel
  • Jello is an amorphous solid ITS basically a solid suspended in a liquid. The scientific word for this is a COLLOID. If you heat it up enough, the solid will become dissolved again it will become a liquid all through. But if you cool it down enough, the liquid water will freeze and it will become a solid all through.
  • I am on a liquid diet and jello is acceptable. So I say liquid!
  • Solid.
  • colloid is one name for it another name would be non-newtonian fluid, they both mean approximately the same
  • There are 3 phases of matter: Solid, liquid and gas. A liquid is something fluid that takes the shape of the container it is placed in. Jello (that has set) does not conform to this criteria so its a solid.

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