• "They live!" Its the movie where they wear those glasses and they see through what they believe to be real and realize everything has a subliminal message and alot of the people are really aliens. Finally at the end they blow up the satalite and show the aliens for who they truely are. On food it says "consume" and billboards "watch"...and its making people mindless idiots. But yeah, that movies schweet. I havnt seen it forever, but it was my favorite movie when I was younger...still is.
  • St. Elmo's Fire! It is the only movie that shows how displaced a lot of college grads are in the real world. The Breakfast Club! A movie about the different clicks in high school. +5
  • sixteen candles and the breakfast club.
  • Plan 90 From Outer Space
  • can't buy me love, sixteen candles, weird science,flash dance , fame, encino man,wayne's world, fast times at ridgemont high.
  • Sixteen Candles Die Hard Cable Guy Caddyshack Goodfellas Casino Batman Back to the Beach Ferris Buellers Day Off
  • sixteen candles

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