• Yes, I just cancelled my cable and downgraded my telephone features, gave up my cellphone (contract expired). With that said, I then went out and purchased an affordable OTA (over the air) broadcast antenna and digital converter to watch all the same channels in higher definition and much better sound. I didn't realize how much cable compressed the resolution of the OTA signal, and didn't know that OTA is FREE. This little 2 component system will pay for itself inside two months ($120). I'm NEVER going to back to cable.
  • Totally. We used to have enough money for everything. Have the bills paid off early with credit even on them. Be able to go out and eat every weekend....take my daughter to movies. Go bowling on saturdays...Order pizza once in awhile for fun. We used to eat alittle bit different alittle more expensive healthier foods. (organic) We usually have good running shoes...and now they are getting old and worn and time for new ones but we dont have the money for it. We would rent movies and have movie night with popcorn and theatre candy. Now we cant do that... We cant really do much of anything. So lately weve just gone on alot of walks, did alot of running...taking the kids to the park. We dont go anywhere we spend money cuz we have none. We dont go out to eat (and im a food Our bills are getting late and I cant STAND IT. The house is slipping because I dont have the money to buy what I need to clean it super good...its hard to even get dish soap and laundry soap when I need it. GRRR. LoL. Its ok though, everyuthing is still good. Were falling into mondo debt, but I havta say with me and my hubby home all the time...its nice. Most people would say it drives them crazy, but I like it. We get along so good. Sex is pretty awesome. We have more time for hobbies and guitar. The recession sux when it comes to money, but is pretty nice and fun for family. And not spending money keeps us from being on the go alot, and just being home and close and connected. Its a good thing. Even though we have...2 dollars to our name right now? lol. Soon though, something will come up.
  • I drive faster when getting off the highway so those guys pan handling dont bother me
  • yes, we have to cut back and its hard to give up things that you're so used to.
  • I was already having a recession before the country, so actually I've gotten a few checks more from the government than I ever have. I still have to pay my taxes and all my bills. I'm waiting for my tax cuts, but I won't hold my breath.
  • not really am a student on a bursary so i live on the bread line anyway ;)
  • only for the better. Apparently I am so poor anyway that now many people are on my level. I live in the cleveland area and its cool because we have been in a recession for like 30 years. the free ways are less crowded at rush hour and I don't have to work as much but I don't care because I know how to live well with almost nothing. I hear one more person crying about how they can't go out drinking or eat pizza anymore and I may just fall over laughing. Go paint a picture,make love to your girl for hours, take a hike, read a book or even learn to make your own pizza. Life gets sweeter the less you own. You just have to learn to be comfortable not giving a shit about trying to be cool or proving anything to anyone. Live it up and trust in your own personal riches of intelligence, creativity, and wonder.

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