• I was shown by the triquetra (that never ending 3-point symbol in Celtic illustrations). I have since learned that that was not what it originally stood for, but I still associate it with the trinity. Even though I was young, I mostly understood what my sunday school teacher was trying to say. I think I would try to explain it that same way. The artwork made it more abstract. Sometimes involving things that are already themselves like the water/ice/steam makes it that much harder to get the concept. Do you think we lack the words to describe it? Where we have the words for water, ice, and steam, where is the word for what those are, no matter what state they are in? We need more words.
  • Trinity 4 Dummies I am trying to help those Christians who need to explain to their KIDS the Trinity Pagan dogma. Just use this simple mathematical expression to explain the nonsense TRINITY doctrine because nothing can help in the Bible: 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.ZIP Important: Plz..Keep Your KIDS Away From The Bible if you want them to grow smart. *Note that the Trinity doctrine was first introduced to the Christian faith more than 300 years AFTER the time of Jesus (peace be upon him)!
  • Why not just tell them like Jesus said, that the Father is the only true God and that to Christians, there is one God, the Father? (John 17:3; 1Cor 8:5-6);1Cor8:5-6;1Cor11:3;John14:28;1Cor15:27-28;&version=NASB;YLT;HCSB;DARBY;NLT; Did you know that that 1John 5:8 thingy in the King James was spurious, or a late addition?;&version=NIV;HCSB;NKJV;NLT;NASB;

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