• wow - that's a tough one - great food for thought - i honestly dont know - personally, i just keep on trusting and loving and living and believing - its a part of life to get hurt and get back up - i thought i had "Jerk Magnet" written on my forehead for a while but with age comes wisdom
  • I think it totally depends upon the situation and the people involved. There have been times when I have formed unrealistic expectations of a person I don't know very well, and was surprised by their behavior. There have been other times when someone I have known well my whole life does something shameful and lacking in integrity - again I was surprised. However, we all have our faults and flaws, myself included, and I am not one who is quick to judge. I'm sure I have disappointed others as well. I have learned to be more cautious and realistic in my relationships, hopefully without becoming cynical. In fact, the older I grow, the more I try to step back and have a little more faith in people. Ultimately we each are different and need to accept ourselves and each other as we are. Another thought provoking question, Rosie! :-)

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