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  • Bad attitude. Bad chemistry. Happens all the time.
  • I don't know where you get your info, but it is awfully one sided. I asked Aris, and he, for example, said she is way too skinny. He prefers a woman with curves. But, to just say that, is to lessen the man he is. He looks inside a woman, too. She could be the hottest thing out there, and if she were devoid of intelligence or personality, he'd consider her indifferently. And if she were bigoted or racist, he would think her ugly. . So, before you generalize, try making sure of your info.
  • I dont think we ae attracted to a smaller range of men. We may have an ideal fantasy man in mind but the personality may change our mind. We are (in general) less visually orientated than men. It takes more than a good body to attract us. We may form an opinion of their personality by looking at them. Rightly or wrongly.
  • I know men who do not like Megan Fox. I know men who have very different tastes in women. You're using Megan Fox as an example, and then are upset because you're "lower average" looking and don't get the time of day. How many "lower average" women get the time of day from an attractive or average man? Women are attracted to different ranges of men. My mother and I have very different tastes in men. Just as men have different tastes in women. Some find blonde, skinny girls attractive, some find curvy, dark hair, dark eyes attractive. Men don't like all women, and women don't like all men. Perhaps the time of day issue you're suffering at college is due to more than just your looks? If you know you're not considered traditionally attractive, I don't understand why you'd expect to get smiles, etc, purely based on your looks. Women make judgements on personalities, attitudes, confidence.
  • That's not true at all! I'm a straight guy and there are very few women I find attractive (Like one in a million) and Megan Fox is not on that list.
  • Generally, women on the whole tend to be more selective and choosier than men are. Men tend to be guided by their strong sexual impulses, and almost any attractive woman is appealing to them.
  • First I would turn down Megan Fox but that is for another reason that is not part of this question. . Men genetically are meant to spread their seed so they are looking for quantity not always quality. . Women are choosing a mate based on genetic attributes. They are much more choosey then men.
  • You need to learn a lot.
  • well i sure dont look like megan fox and i never had much trouble with men! but your right to a degree, i hate "pretty boys" and tend to go with the more windswept and interesting look in my men
  • You might be generalising. For instance, I am totally not attracted to the Marylin Monroe look which many men are said to find attractive. I checked out Megan Fox and I wouldn't go out of my way to be with her. On the other hand I totally like Jennifer Connelly, Vanna Barba, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Natalie Portman.
  • I disagree with Men being attracted to the same type of woman. Megan Fox is a trashy look and to some men, that is not hot. Lots of men like sexy, not trashy. As far as women, I can honestly say I go for different types. I think George Clooney is hot for a dark and handsome intellectual type, I think Vince Vaughn is hot for being a bigger built guy with some fat on him all depends on if that person attracts me. I think this goes both ways. Only the most insecure shallow man would go for just the Megan Fox type, same for women only going for a man with 6 pack abs.
  • Don't know about any of that. Don't agree with such generalizations. Also don't know the two people you mention. I certainly am not the type of person that men are universally attracted to but I have done quite well for myself thank you.

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