• Well, if you don't mind, it does not matter. :)
  • Mind over matter
  • Magic over all.
  • I've got plenty on my mind and it don't matter - I'd go looney if it did
  • Mind over matter...still working on this.
  • What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind. -- Thomas Hewitt Key, 1799-1875
  • Everything takes place in Mind. "Imagination rules the world"--Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Mind over matter, and closing off your mind to what is of no matter is the only way to get by in life and retain your sanity.
  • What we have here is an interaction. "Critics of dualism have often asked how something totally immaterial can affect something totally material. This is the basic problem of causal interaction." "When a person decides to walk across a room, it is generally understood that the decision to do so, a mental event, immediately causes a group of neurons in that person's brain to fire, a physical event, which ultimately results in his walking across the room. The problem is that if we have something totally nonphysical causing a bunch of neurons to fire, then there is no physical event which causes the firing. That means that some physical energy seems to have appeared out of thin air. Even if one maintains that the decision has some sort of mental energy, and that the decision causes the firing, there is still no explanation of where the physical energy for the firing came from. It just seems to have popped into existence from nowhere. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy mentions two possible replies to this objection. The first reply says that it might be possible for mind to influence the distribution of energy, without altering its quantity. Another possibility is to deny that human body is closed system. Since the principle of conservation of energy applies only to closed systems, the objection becomes irelevant." Source and further information:

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