• My computer broke in 2000 and I didn't replace it until December of 2006 so I can go at least 6 years.
  • I have to watch my Archie shows, save Archie pictures, look up Archie stuff, and other Archie stuff! Anyway, I can live without a computer for a long time.
  • About two days.
  • probably about 30 seconds...if i dont have it near me...i feel scared and alone...really i hate not having a computer never know what your going to miss
  • I am fortunate to have a deal with a local private computer dealer who makes custom PC's and who traded me 2 years ago for something so that I now have for the next 5 years, free service (back in 24 hours if it has to go to the shop) and warranty on the 3.5 gig speed very well decked out PC his guys made for me for 5 years also - parts and labor. So even though I could go longer if I had to do so, I know I have 5 years of free and good service or replacement of my PC. And that is very reassuring.
  • the longest i have had to go without the net is 6 weeks ,i had to get my pc fixed.
  • Never a day goes bad without something, I believe, one should not be so dependant on something that he cant refrain from it. I can go any long wihout it, of course when I need to book tickets for flight or similar things, net is convenient. but thats once in a while.
  • A week, and that's only if I'm forced.
  • Not even 1 day. I won't even take a vacation if they don't have broadband.
  • about 8 hours while I sleep, I'm an IT professional so without it I can't work, so if it breaks I gotta fix it or get a new ASAP. Couldn't live without it. Oh I went a week while on holidays without it, but then checked emails at an Internet cafe.
  • Comfortably, six hours. My first home PC self-destructed, caught me unprepared, and it took five months to replace....a very long and nerve-grinding five months. I now always have a backup PC ready to go if the current one bites the dust.
  • Fifty years? Because I was 50-years-old when I bought my first computer. However, I can go a few days without a computer.

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