• DVD definitely.. you can flick through much more quickly.. Quality is better too
  • Is this one of those Rhetorical questions I've been hearing about? DVD
  • DVD, by a long shot. The sound and video quality is much higher, the medium is smaller and easier to store, the players can also be much smaller, and the DVDs don't wear out and get the funny lines at the top and bottom of the picture the way my VHS tapes used to.
  • Actually, in my opinion, it's kind of a toss up. With DVD you get all the great special features, the audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes, etc. But videos are so durable. One little scratch and your DVD is ruined! But you can beat a tape all to hell and it will still play. Although the question is moot, I fear. Almost no one carries the tapes anymore.
  • Belive it or not, video. I was born 10 days into '92, so I was only in the days of VHS for a while, but I like them better. They last a LOT longer. We have a tape that was dropped and the top flap came off, leaving the tape inside open and vulnerable. That was TEN YEARS AGO, and it still works GREAT. One little scratch, and the expensive DVD is in the trash.
  • I don't mind either. And I have several DVDs scratched to Hell that still work fine.
  • No comparison. DVD blanks are cheap and let you see any recording with precision accuracy. Their only drawback is that you can't re-record over them. Small price to pay. I can get a 25 pack of them for cheap at Wal*Mart. Plus with DVR & Tivo, the VCR is obsolete.
  • blatently dvd's are better no competition
  • You have all that extra shit.. deleated scenes, etc. I think its much better.
  • You have all that extra shit.. deleated scenes, etc. I think its much better.
  • I like the DVD's extra stuff but I HATE it when they skip or they are scratched. VHS is cool like that (unless the black filmy thingy is screwed up but that's only happend to me once)
  • A dvd plays video, correct? Do you mean VHS?
  • DVD's outlast video's, have a higher quality, can store more, are faster and easier to use, where videos degrade naturally or through use and obviously if you treat them poorly, dvd's only degrade if you treat them poorly. Dvd's are also smaller & easier to store, they don't make as much noise in the machine that plays them (most new video players aren't loud either, but older ones are in my experience)... Basically, dvd's beat videos (VHS) in EVERY field worth mentioning by a significant amount : P
  • I'd say DVD. It's easier for me to watch a VHS tape, because I don't HAVE to have a remote. Most of the time it's hard for me to get the DVD playing without a remote, but the features are much better on a DVD. You can easily skip to a part you want to see, special features are pretty awesome, etc.. And I hate when I'm watching a movie on VHS and the tape starts coming out of the VHS tape... That's frustrating!
  • i think the better question is dvd or blueray *edit* HD or BlueRay.
  • well, i have to say both because dvd has better quality,but all the classic's are on vhs
  • DVD. (--,)

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