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  • Most drug tests test for things that are known to slean your urine. I would stay away from all urine cleaners and things of that sort. The best way is the good old fashioned way: Don't smoke and drink plenty of water.
  • Sorry to break the news to you, but niacin in any amount will not do what you hope or may have heard of.
  • Nessy I can see you are really worried about this test. This is the second time today you have asked about niacin. My original answer still holds true. You can't beat the test. It's not going to happen. Niacin will NOT work.
  • doesn't work. a person I know tryed it.. she quit smoking like 2 weeks before the test... she took niacin also. She failed. I've heard a capfull of bleach in a gallon of water is supposed to work also but I doubt it.
  • og my god. i dont get why people are so dumnb. u can answer that question unless youve done it. i did it. i get clean every time by evan doing it the night before. LAMEASSES..uhh n e ways take 5 or take 10 250 mgs. thats if you want to get clean. its not healthy to do that many. but if u do it rarely it wont hurt you. suggestion. take something to make u go to sleep before. than take the niacin before you go to bed. no pain. go get tested. come out clean for everything. trust me IT IS THE TRUTH MAN... FACTUAL INFO PEOPLE/ its good to sometimes do.
  • It will work i have posted this question today to see others perspective or any other experiences but my roomate smoked daily for 3 years then smoked the day of his interview and took 9 250mg niacin that night for his drugtest the next day and passed.
  • dude no lie a friend of mine took 5 500mg niacin tablets and got so hot and flushed from it he sat in my tub sweatin it out, he past his drug test though, no lie.... so i dont know where these people get there information from but there prolly straight edge and never had to worry about a piss test, peace homie...
  • If your really worried about your drug test go to GNC and buy either STRIP or (im not sure what it's called but you can just ask them, but make sure you don't mention a drug test otherwise they can't sell to you)it's raw blueberry jucie or any kind of raw jucie it shocks your body but it will only work for THC my friend used it and said it worked so I'm just going off what he said so don't hold me too it.
  • ive read about nician and some say it does and some say it neighbors boy smoke on march 15 and has a drug test for court on april 2. he has been taking nician 1 tablet in morning and one at night. he stared it on sat march 29 and has drank 24 bottles of green tea and gallons of water..getting ready to take a home drug test in an hour..will let u know the careful taking will harm you if taking to much.
  • A lot of my friends have had to do it before. I always just stopped before a test but a random bombass interview just landed in my lap so I'm finally gettin a chance to try the niacin out. I've always heard to take over 2000mg. It doesn't look pleasant but neither is not getting a sweet job over something that should be legal. I'll let ya all know how it goes if I end up getting to take a whiz quiz.
  • I havent smoked in 36 days and I have to take a drug test in one week. Monday to be exact. I havent been drinking a lot of water or anything until today. I figured that 30 days would have been plenty of time without trying to drink a gallon or so of water a day. Any ideas?
  • STONERS.........WOW......... HAHA
  • Niacin is a myth. Niacin does nothing to pass a THC drug test. Evidence shows that niacin has no effect on THC metabolization. Yet the myth still persists because people who take niacin and pass drug tests wrongly credit the niacin when the real hero was the copius amount of water that was consumed with the niacin, which effectively diluted THC metabolite concentration in their urinestream enough for them to test negative on the screen. Its all about the water
  • yes it does work... why would u say it doesn't work when you haven't done it yourself? countless people have already told you it works from personal expierience and i have done the same... smoked up till the day before the test then that night 2 niacin pills with a glass of water make sure you piss twice throughout the night/morning and u will pass the drug test... and don't smoke within the two hours prior to you taking the niacin about an hour later you will feel very sunburnt and itch very bad... you may feel stomach pain as well but you WILL pass the drug test the following day
  • For Niacin to work on a drug test, you have to take enough to flush out your system. You'll know that you've taken enough whenever you start feeling your skin tingle, turn really red, and burn like a sunburn. This usally lasts about 30 -45 minutes, then pee a few times and your clean. IF you are taking a test that gets sent to a lab for testing, you better get some CREATIN back in your system. Otherwise the lab will know you diluted your system, because of the amount of CREATIN left in your body after flusing it. Too people that say Niacin DOES NOT WORK. That answer is crap niacin does work, an the reason why people say it doesnt becasue they did not take the right amount to flush out your system. Using niacin to clean out your system does work but to gotta take enough or it work me, for I smoke heavy so I take a total of 6 pills take 2 every hour and drink 2 glasses of water with every pill, I have done this many times and passed every test I have ever taken. i have passed a dozen drug test with niacin. one has got to take at least take 6 500mg tabs with plenty of water, at least 24hrs before the test. the only test i failed with niacin was when i only allowed 12hrs before a test. must get your niacin from GNC, the stuff from wal-mart DOSENT WORK!!!! also thc stores in fat cells, so larger people should allow more time and take more niacin and first it sucks and burns, but when it dosent burn anymore you are clean. Now that we know how to study lets go pass some tests:)

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