• That I had to go to the restroom - Which was the truth - He let me go
  • That I was going to miss Greys Anatomy. He let me go because of my PBA card. (It wasn't even on that night.)
  • "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" "Why no... do you?" He laughed and let me off seeing as it was 3 in the morning and no one else was even on the damn road
  • No, but I felt like saying, "Because you were as well!!!" LOL! JamesD ;-)
  • my favorite blues brothers quote: "I'm on a mission from god." (to be truthful, i have not used it yet, but if someone does please tell me what happens next.)
  • Because I wanted to go to the store to get something to eat before my curfew. It was in ten minutes so I had to move fast.
  • Told cop my wife was cheating on me and I had received a call that her and lover were together. Told him I had to go and didn't have time for this. He let me go telling me to go get that bastard
  • My uncle once told the cop as he walked up to the window with his ticket pad and pen in hand "I'd like a hamburger and fries please, and could you make it snappy, I'm in kind of a hurry". He got the ticket.
  • I got pulled over for speeding once & i was in a piece of crap of a car that was always overheating & spitting & sputtering. He said excuse me ma'm I pulled you over because you were speeding, you were going 67 in a 55. I said in an excited voice this car? this piece of sh** went that fast no way..... i'm so proud of it, luckily he had a sense of humor & let me off with a warning(thank god)
  • My Dad said his car was possessed just like Herbie from the movie.

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