• depending on the size of your dog if you hit a pothole he could fall out. to much air up the nose to fast could cause breathing problems.
  • It's not so much any likelihood that your dog would have breathing problems...Sorry, I suppose if you are doing 80 to 100mph, it could happen, but most dogs aren't going to put themselves in that sort of predicament, they'll pop their nose/head back in if it is annoying to them. The big risk is that your dog could get something in one of its eyes...just as we can if in a similar situation. I know one guy who puts goggles on his little JRT when the dog rides in their sports car with the top down. The dog is also seat-belted in, so she can see all around, enjoy the smells, but not get out of the car, or fall out! Jumping or falling out is the other obvious risk. You would be amazed how small a space a dog can wiggle though, with the right stimulus to do so!
  • They can get bugs in their eyes, they can jump out of the moving vehicle (had a dog that jumped out of the back of a pick up. Thankfully, she only sprained her paw), or they can get thrown from the vehicle if you get into an accident or have to stop short.
  • The say way a motorcycle rider can get bugs and other derbies in the eyes.
  • maybe they can fall out

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