• haha nice little add on to your question there sober I'd say I like uno or president, they get pretty intense drinking, beer pong or man hunt if we're really wasted :P
  • My friends and I used to play Balderdash and charades and laugh and laugh our heads off.
  • I hardly drink. Because when I do it gets so warm I will only get pissed of :P. So although I like drinking very much I do not do it, because I just hate heat. So in that case the best thing for me to do sober is probably a shooter on the PS or X-box, my husband and I always play together. We liked army of two a lot!
  • I'm always sober but love to have a good time. So I'm not sober in the quiet, sedate, serious, solemn, or subdued interpretations of the word. :)
  • Drinking game is "higher or lower". It is good to practice sober, just to get a feel for it. Sober, is Scattegories, it's fun, tests peoples knowledge and memory.
  • Drinking is most certainly my favourite game, yes. :)
  • Fourteen years ago it was all about staying drunk. Now it's about making sure i get everyone else around me drunk, so i can be vicariously intoxicated. I'm an alcoholic and can't afford to touch the stuff, havent' either, sincer rehab fourteen years ago. ;_
  • lol i know is corny but i love playing miniature golf buzzed is a hoot. +5

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