• Back in my day some services were more sought-out than others. The air force could require longer enlistment terms, as could the navy. From time to time in the history of the volunteer forces, certain signing bonuses and promotional terms were offered by those most in need to recruit. Since many citizens do not accept "entitlements", especially those who are not liberal democrats, such incentives are a vital way to gather the resources for a college education. Furthermore, some individuals need armed forces experience to start their careers. Without having served, I never would have acquired the credentials or jobs that I had in civilian life.
  • the airforce, since i am familiar with it, my little brother is in it, and a lot of family members have been in it like my dad and grandfather. :)
  • My son was an officer in the US Navy. I was very impressed with the Navy and would choose that branch of the service.
  • The Marines for sure, they're just so commanding, although I have many family members in all the different branches.
  • Coast Guard for sure.
  • I'd go Navy. My college roommate was Navy ROTC. He went into the Navy became a fighter pilot and now flies for a commercial airliner. He got to see a lot of great places while in the Navy. Then again, we weren't fighting anyone back then.
  • I was drafted back in '69 and was in the Army, so I'll have to say Army. :-)
  • Never Again Volunteer Yourself I already did my time though, and I don't see myself going back.
  • Well, since I don't like to fly and don't want to go out on a ship, I'd have to be all I could be or be one of the few and proud.
  • 10 years in my beloved Corps and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Air Force (Royal Air Force), even though I come from an army family. I actually once applied to be an officer in the RAF. I ended up withdrawing my application.
  • Did my time in the Army, would do it again...but alas, to old and to out of shape now.
  • It depends on what you are looking for. Army and Marines are more on the ground, front lines. Navy is obviously at sea all the time, and the AF supports. I would definitely go with the AF if you are looking for a branch to take the best care of you.
  • The Coast Guard.

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