• They are brought in buy the guards i would think. Be nice if i was wrong, but i bet they have an even higher value in there, then out here.
  • I suspect some of the guards are corrupt and take them in for a price.
  • They get smuggled in mostly by people visiting inmates. the inmates mostly stick the drugs up their asses to hide them.
  • I suppose when a friend comes to visit and brings a chocolate cake, they put the drugs inside the cake. Isn't that the regular way of doing it?
  • only two ways.guards and visitors.
  • Through a lovely friend in PRISON. we call it ANUS.
  • Employees bring them in! They go in through a metal detector when entering and exiting, checking for weapons. They are not shaken down for illicit substances as they are trusted. Also visitors go through the same metal checks. Also vehicles dropping off supplies to the prison bring them in as well. Mind you, the vehicles are checked mainly when leaving the prison searching only for inmates clinging to hidden parts of the vehicle as an escape route. Hope this helps. :)
  • Illegally!! Corrupt guards supplementing their income, visitors smuggle them in (in different ways) and some probably come in the mail and are missed by the authorities or passed on by the them.
  • You must know it is criminals serving their term that are in the prisons. They find ways of getting the illegal drugs into the prisons using all their criminal ingenuity. It is not just the drugs that get in but cell phones and sim cards too. They use them to arrange whatever supplies they need from collaborators outside the prison.
  • family and friends who come and visit them
  • gaurds
  • A visitor can bring in a small packed device like a chap stick cap, the inmate swallows it and finds it later. I'm sure there's other ways but I know this has been done.
  • Prison is probably a whole other world. I read this thing once, about how an inmate just couldn't believe how much the inmates actually have control over what goes on in prison life. I suspect the guards are also sympathetic but motivated by greed. They can get stuff in return, and nobody's gonna look twice, so why not? Business is business, no matter what form it takes. After all, guards get an hourly wage, so not much is stopping them from getting more if they can. Just like when I wear skirts to work, moar tipz. We have a dress code which I don't respect, but somehow I still haven't got fired. Either that, or I just watch too many movies. Prison is probably boring as hell, anyway.
  • Money makes the world go round especially the prison world and the guards that accept the money.
  • Smuggled in by guards and prison guests, when guests do so its often via insertion into anal or vaginal areas, due to lack of strip searches, and body cavity searches of guests.
  • They come in via the "Hershey highway" for men and the Hu Hu Highway for women. Sounds very Hawaiian hahahaha

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