• A week to 9 days.
  • ummmm do you want me to translate that into hours or something? 96hours-144hours excluding Sat. and Sun.....
  • That depends on what day it is Weekend are excluded. Do not count Saturday or Sunday or any day they are closed.
  • Mon-Fri. Usually when businesses are open.
  • A business day is every day, excluding Satrudays and Sundays (a.k.a schoolday). If you ordered something on the internet, or through the mail, and you are supposed to recieve it within 4-6 business days, here's a list that I made. I'm pretty sure this is how it goes (anyone feel free to correct me). If you ordered by mail, give an extra day for the order to reach them. 4 business days Ordered on/Will recieve on Monday-Friday Tuesday-Monday Wednesday-Tuesday Thursday-Wednesday Friday-Thursday Saturday-Thursday Sunday-Thursday 5 business days Monday-Next Monday Tuesday-Monday Wednesday-Tuesday Thursday-Wednesday Friday-Thursday Saturday-Friday Sunday-Friday 6 business days Monday-Next Tuesday Tuesday-Next Wednesday Wednesday-Next Thursday Thursday-Next Friday Friday-Tuesday in two weeks Saturday-Monday in two weeks Sunday-Monday/Tuesday in two weeks
  • Sorry To Ask As This Is Not My Question... So If You Ordered Something On A Friday, And They Said It Would Come In 4-6 Business Days, Would It Most Likely Come On The Thursday?
  • If you're using UPS... one week!
  • A business day is any day, Monday to Friday. Shippers and mail doesn't move during the weekend, so come Monday your shipment will continue on its journey. ie, if your order is shipped on Thurdsday, it would be as follows 1st business day - Friday 2st business day - Monday 3st business day - Tuesday and so on
  • business days do not include national holidays... if the post office is closed its not a business day
  • 4-6 business days: 4-6 days mon-fri, that are not fedral holidays. If I ordered something online today(9-25-07(tues)) that is to take 4-6 business days... It will arrive Monday, tuesday or Wednesday next week. If you send an order by mail, expect three days to get there, a day to process and then the 4-6 business days: So if I mailed it today- three days to get to the company: It will get there thursday. Friday for processing..... they'll send it out monday.... 4-6 business days means it will get here next thursday or next friday or the next monday.

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