• M.I.L.F.s Should
  • some 50 year olds are fit so 55
  • Who says it's inappropriate??? Is that societies rules?? Men, women can and should wear their hair as they it appropriate for a dude to have a bald head and a combover??? Murder and rape are, do what ya like..
  • I don't think wearing short hair is related to age, it has more to do with the condition of the hair. Some ladies hair looks like "straw" when they get older, so wearing a short style makes them look better groomed, but others don't seem to have this problem and their hair is full of body into their `70's, and they can continue to wear their hair long because it still looks good. It must have more to do with how well the person cared for their hair when they were younger.
  • My mum still has long(ish) hair at 54. She did have it down her back in curls but cut it to shoulder length when she turned 50. I think she looks great and looks a lot younger than the typical 50 year old. She hasn't let herself go and dresses classy. I think when I get older i'd like to dye my hair darker (because blondes usually go white) and dyed blonde in old age tends to look like mutton dressed up as lamb. Perhaps because blonde is so stereotyped a younger colour. I will never get one of these permed crops. I'll get my hair dyed as I said a light brown and cut it in a bob I think.
  • If they have good, strong, heathy hair they should keep it long and down whatever their age. Long hair is beautiful even if it's white.
  • I wouldn't see it as an age thing either,I like long hair,but maybe she doesn't,if my will is stronger than hers she'll keep it long.
  • As long as the hair is healthy then age shouldn't dictate the style.
  • Apparently as we age hair begins to thin and fall out. Time to cut it all off otherwise you will look like you have a bunch of scraggly ends.
  • Some believe the hair to be an extension of the nervous system. Some believe it to have supernatural or spiritual power. This is nothing new it dates back to the time of Samson in the Bible. The scriptures also say hair is a woman's crowning glory. I don't know about all that I just like the way it feels all silky and smooth down my back when I'm rinsing the conditioner out of it in the shower Very sensual! No age limit, not that I can see.

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