• Today, there is a strange incence in the air. I feel woozy because I think someone might have flatchelated (tooted). Ugh, it stinks. I think I might die. Will you help me? Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow I will be happy. I hope I can wait that long.
  • Well... I feel a bit down really. I have just come to a point in my life where I have started to decide what I want to do. I have always floated around unsure of my path, but I am beginning to make some decisions. I know I am capable of going where I want to, but for some reason though I find that I am not motivated to do what needs to be done. I feel a little "disconnected" at the moment. I am really concerned about my grandparents health which is very unstable. I won't go on much further, there are good things too. I think my aunt is getting better, my family is happy and my friends are good friends.
  • I am a little concerned about a coulple of my deals going through. I now I nee to let it go but it's difficult with so much on the line.
  • I'm rather worried about my future. I will be graduating from Highschool in about 2 months, and I am kind of sad. I will miss a lot of my friends, and some teachers also. These past 4 years have absolutely flown by, and I'm not sure if I want to let it all go yet.. All 4 of them have been amazing.
  • I feel disappointed. I think that we have so many possibilities on this Earth and yet people seem to lack the motivation to want to make this place the best place it can be. I feel happy because I know I am a very lucky person not to be affected by any severe issues, but that also makes me feel guilty because I still get lows. I feel annoyed at my "friends" as recently I have found them to be very self-involved and unworthy of my time. I feel better now that I have written this. Thanks! xx
  • I feel anxious. I feel like something is supposed to be happening right in this instant, just as I type, something very important is supposed to be happening. But, I'm just stuck here waiting. I feel like I'm in the most suffocating waiting room with air that tastes like plastic and a clock that moves too slow. I feel as if I'm just waiting for life to begin.
  • i feel tired. tired of life, tired of things happening. i just want to be normal. i don't want to have pain, i don't want to have secrets. i just want to be accepted as who i am and not have to hide things. i'm tired of pretending to be someone i'm not. i've feel like there's a puddle in my path, and i have four choices. go around it, jump over it, stand in it, or go back. i feel strained to make the right decision. i feel helpless and confused because of all the things happening that are out of my control. i hate feeling helpless. i hate just sitting there by the phone, not being able to do anything. i feel bad because to keep my mind off my troubles in life i go on AB. Answerbag is my distraction. it keeps me one step ahead of everything that i'm hiding from. and i feel scared of what might happen. scared of who might not come back. scared of what i don't know. scared of things that i can't change. sorry, it's not really a paragraph, more like a list...
  • I feel wonderfully happy, free and alive. The luck of the Irish is with me ol' self this day. 'Tis a bee-yoo-ti-ful day, it 'tis!...Hey I'm Italian! Whaaaaaat...!
  • I feel isolated, trapped and controlled. I'm fed up of being in a position that renders me incapable of doing what I want, when I want, and despite the fact that I am probably receiving the most care since I was a baby, I still feel isolated. No one understands. I’m an inconvenience, forever putting people out, and the thanks I give them? None. I complain like no one else has any problems, and the one person who is supporting me the most I get angry at. I let out my pent up frustration on her, when I know she's coping with huge problems in her life, and yet, she just comes back for more, lets me treat her like dirt because of this stupid thing we call love. I feel frustrated, I’m irritable, I don't know how to cope with these feelings, and I don't know how to make myself feel better when all that I do know, is that this situation is not going to change anytime soon. This is my life for the next 6 months, and although to most, only a short period, to me, at probably the most influential years of my life, at a huge crossroad, I feel unable to be the person I know I should be.
  • Well, I feel great. My hair did what it was supposed to do, it's finally cold enough that I can wear my new red coat with my new Red and white polka dotted heels. My puppy figured out where she's supposed to go potty, my son is eating dinner without fuss (wooh oo) and my mother is going to babysit for me tonight. This is the last weekend before my spring break ends, I know most people are a little down that they have to go back to class, but I am welcoming it. I want to get the semester over so I can switch over to a new college. Oh, and I got in a nap today! All in all, I feel GREAT!
  • Life is so tiring. So much assignments, homework, projects, bible study. I'm beginning to doubt the meaning of my religion and my existance. Why is life like this? Irish parades outside and me stuck hear sunk in the mushy snow. I just wish I were older.
  • I am a little confused as to what I should do regarding my part-time partner. He is part-time for a reason but this has been going on for over 5 years. I am not bored or fed up with him, but I know the hurt is going to come big time to me and I cant decide whether to finish it now and get it over and done with or carry on and worry about it when the time arises.
  • Yes, I will: I'm tired. I'm tired and yet I'm still on Answerbag. I know that I have many things to do tomorrow and still finish tonight (Yoga and Pilates). The dirty clothes pile is getting higher by the day, but I have no detergent. I ran out of toilet paper today and I finished the last of the milk! Now I can't have cereal tomorrow because toilet paper is more important. Worst of all, I'm practically broke. Who wants to spend their last bit of money on toilet tissue? I could use a drink right now. Then I'd be able to figure all of this out...
  • I feel as if i'm letting everyone down around me. That my parents want more out of me and the teachers. Sometimes I don't see the point in living because I get so sad. I know that it is stupid but sometimes I wish I was never born but then i see my parents and i know how much they love me. It is just hard to live with no hope. My friends are not the smartest but they are friends that are there sometimes. There is so much drama going on that i can't stand it anymore. I just want someone to tell me that everything will work out and that there is no need to hide the tears that want to come out. i don't know maybe im just a messed up teen.
  • This week it's the Whit holiday period for all schoolchildren in England, and I am one of those that is off for a week. However, the problem with me is that during school holidays, social anxiety really starts to take a hold of me. School holidays should be a time for socializing and having fun. Everyone else I know seems to be able to do that but me. I haven't left the house at all since I broke up except to go to the gym yesterday. I would readily ask my friends to do something with me, but due to SA, that's just unable to happen. I've tried to exercise to counter this, but I still feel incredibly worthless and weak, and thus cannot continue with the exercise due to my high performance standards.
  • Like death warmed over.

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