• it's a imppresive feat of enginering.
  • Which London are you speaking of? London Ontario Canada or London UK? I have never been to London UK so I cannot say but it has been about 7 years since one in London Ontario..most subways are quite good.
  • If you are talking about the Tube then it is a good, cheap way of getting around the city, rather than taxis etc.
  • A nice form of transport. Beats trying to drive around London, and trying to find parking! The maps are nice too.
  • The first time I took the London subway my family and I were on a vacation, a guy with a bloody arm walks in, another man offers him his seat, which he kindly refuses. My mother then forbids my father of taking her or us on the subway ever again.
  • i had to get through london carrying luggage and a snowboard bag which was fun. it was funny talking to people cos no-one does it there :P
  • Speaking of subways, the last time I was in the metro in: 1. London: inn't called the "Underground", 2. Montreal: a guitarist in one of the stations, upon request played renaissance lute music, written by John Dowland, transcribed for guitar, 3. Paris, soldiers in camouflage were carrying automatic rifles...set to "rock & roll" I betcha.
  • It's filthy, unfriendly, noisy and I love it.
  • As long as you only want to be in London you really don't need a car.
  • in neil gaimans book neverwhere its a magical and dangerous place.

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